Relearn, Evolve, and Adapt provides a blueprint for exploring and understanding our own and others’ perceptions, behaviors, and relationships. I read this book at a time when our organization was embarking on a change initiative and was encouraged and enlightened by the systemic change model outlined in simple and direct terms. Dr. Sauer thank you for words of wisdom and your push toward making our lives and our organizations better.
Date of Posting: 20 October 2010
Posted By: Pat Long
President, Baker University, Baldwin City, KS
Dr. Sauer explains in everyday lay people terms a series of complex behavioral science concepts. His message is positive and he shares a number of personal inspirational insights.

This book is very different from your garden-variety self improvement manual. It puts together in a very skillfull way profound thoughts with practical suggestions to better understand how we can make positive change an everyday occurrence.
Date of Posting: 20 March 2009
Posted By: S. Villar
This book is about improving ourselves, and, with this, about improving the life we have created for ourselves and the life we can create in the future. It is about growth and opportunities for growth that each of us has but, possibly, did not have a chance to uncover yet. It is inspiring and motivational in every way.

If you are an entrepreneur at heart, but did not bring your dreams to realization yet - this is a book for you! If you run a successful business and need to build your emotional, social, and, as a consequence, financial power to a higher level and want to find even more strengths within yourself- this definitely is the book for you! You would love to read about creative thinking and implementation that is so critical for success.
I would recommend the book to all parents. The knowledge parents will gain will make parenting easier. These parenting tools will make much more sense for the parent and outcome will be, with no doubt, immeasurable.

Discussion about the "Desired World" on three levels: being, doing, and getting, our "Making Sense of the World", "Identity", and "Rules and Habits" domains are underlying in this book.

My favorite part of the book discusses what our identity consists of - capabilities, self-esteem, self-confidence, is self-acceptance- and interconnection of these four elements. This understanding makes it easy to realize what happens if some of these four elements are not aligned and the impact this may have on the success of the individual.
Date of Posting: 18 March 2009
Posted By: Tanya Trost
I found this book to be a thought-provoking dissection of how we process information and react to our environment. The author breaks down the brain's process of perceiving our environment and how that ulimately leads to individual behaviors. Within each discrete element of this process, the author explains how each element ultimately influences behavior, from environment to conditioned response to physiology. Within this model, he constructs a system for controlling these factors to acheive desired outcomes. An important point in this book is that much of our behavior and perception of the world is reflexive or socially-conditioned. If we define succeess in terms of achieving desired outcomes, this dissection allows us to understand how these influences can be self-limiting in terms of achieving these goals. The author outlines a creative thinking model that is aware of these influnces and thus allows us to adapt and learn in order to acheive goals.

This is not a 'how-to-succeed' book--it's more a 'how' book. By understanding how we interact with our environment and how our beliefs and reflexive behaviors shape other peoples' perceptions of us, we can can adapt these behaviors toward certain objectives. This book will challenge your conventional notion of creativity. It will portray creativity not in the context of the artist or the musician, but our individual ability to apply critical, systemic thinking toward solving problems.
Date of Posting: 07 March 2009
Posted By: Matthew Mellor
This is truly a unique book on creating awareness and understanding of behaviors - those of others and of yourself, and, how to effectively develop and grow in the challenging environments of today. The book provides wonderful insights into the "tools" for our own development and how we may lead others to go through change, which, for example, is a frequent requirement in the business world today. The author shows his excellence in systemic thinking, understanding of the technology world and great insights of the inner functions of human beings. This is a book that bridges and connects multiple disciplines and domains. Such bridges and dependencies are often not understood today and therefore cause many of the problems in human interactions whether in the business world or elsewhere. This book is a great step forward in exploring and assisting in traversing that new space.
Date of Posting: 05 March 2009
Posted By: A. Christer

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